Training on the Apollo butterfly monitoring in Pieniny Mountains

As a part of the field monitoring training from July 19th to 20th, representatives from the Naturalist’s Club, Karkonosze National Park, and the Władysław Szafer Institute of Botany of the Polish Academy of Sciences visited the habitats of the local population of Apollo butterflies . It was possible thanks to the hospitality of Pieniny National Park.

Under the guidance of specialist Prof. Paweł Adamski form Polish Academy of Sciences, we learned how to properly conduct species monitoring in the field, how to spot and mark Apollo butterflies, and how to accurately record monitoring data.

Together with Prof. Adamski, we visited three key monitoring sites for the Apollo butterfly. This allowed us to observe and experience working in challenging habitats associated with steep mountain slopes.

During the training, we gained valuable insights into the habitats of the Pieniny population. We further enriched this knowledge during visits to two different habitats while being guided by representatives of Pieniny National Park.

As part of Pieniny National Park’s warm hospitality, we learned about the history of Czorsztyn Castle and the basics of oscypek production (a traditional Polish scalded-smoked cheese with a protected-designation-of-origin status) in traditional shepherd’s hut. Conversations and exchange of experiences related to Apollo butterfly breeding were also an integral part of the visit.

Mr. Tadeusz Oleś, the long-term guardian of the butterfly population and breeding success, shared insights about the population and breeding achievements. Experience exchange always brings surprises and fosters the search for common solutions to ensure the species’ safety and continuity.

The training itself, in such picturesque natural surroundings resultd in a lasting significance for collaboration and brought numerous benefits to breeders. It equipped them with a more confident approach to this year’s and future years’ monitoring efforts.


We would like to thank the Pieniny National Park for hosting us with warmth and the commitment of your employees. This allowed us, the LIFE Apollo2020 team, to be guests of the magnificent Pieniny National Park.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Park’s Director, Mr. Michał Sokołowski, and Ms. Iwona Wróbel for their kindness and for making it possible to orgainze the visit. We deeply appreciate Mr. Bogusław Kozik, Mr. Jacek Berezicki, Mr. Paweł Adamski, Ms. Małgorzata Braun-Suchojad, Mr. Stanisław Złydaszyk, and Mr. Mateusz Dziurny for discussions on Apollo butterfly protection, reintroduction, and monitoring details. Special thanks to Mr. Tadeusz Oleś for guiding us through the breeding facility.

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