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Data from sources such as the European Red List of Butterflies indicate negative trends in the number of insects in Europe, in fact over 30% of taxa show regression. One of the most threatened butterflies in Europe is Parnassius apollo. Its decrease in numbers during the last 25 years is 20-50%.

The aim of this international project is to recreate the Parnassius apollo populations in 3 functional areas: Sudetes and White Carpathians in the Continental bioregion and strengthen the Austrian population in the Alpine bioregion.

The first of its kind

During the project, 3 additional breeding farms and 3 new functional areas will be created to anchor the populations in natural conditions, as well as at least 38 “stepping stone sites” to secure species migration corridors between the new sites. The project is therefore the first to implement test and pilot actions for further population development in the bioregions by:

  • Recreating of populations in Poland, Czechia in the Continental bioregion and strengthening the Austrian population in the Alpine bioregion
  • Creating a coherent methodology for Apollo butterfly protection in the Continental bioregion
  • Improving habitat quality of the species such as protecting breeding habitats and feeding grounds
  • Creating ecological corridors
  • Raising awareness towards the conservation and maintenance of habitats and of the species
  • Strengthening social involvement in species protection


🐛 Exciting news from our breeding facility in Jagniątków, Poland! While we`ve been updating you on what`s happening in our Uniemyśl farm, today we`re thrilled to share the latest from Jagniątków. So far, 5000 caterpillars have hatched, and the number KEEPS ON RISING! 🐛

🦋 What do you think, how many butterflies will we be able to release this year? Last season, we released 1240 individuals. Will we surpass our record this time?

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Also in Austria 2023, our #LIFEApollo2020 project took flight with impactful educational activities! 🦋 Our workshops in Austrian schools, led by the European Wilderness Society and butterfly expert Otto Feldner, captivated students from kindergartens to high schools. 🏫 From exploring the Apollo butterfly`s life cycle to emphasizing habitat preservation, we sparked enthusiasm and knowledge-sharing among students. 🌿 Additionally, we established Apollo Gardens with secondary school students and kindergarteners, cultivating vital plants for the Apollo species. 🌺 At the "Fest der Natur" in Wels, we engaged a wider audience, spreading awareness about the importance of protecting the Parnassius apollo butterfly. Let`s continue to educate, inspire, and protect our natural heritage together!

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