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Science, ecology and innovation for Parnassius apollo conservation in Central Europe – the project’s official Kick-off conference will take place in September, in Jelenia Góra, in the beautiful Giant Mountains, Karkonosze National Park in Poland. Registration for on-site participation is now closed but don’t worry, you can participate online and join the interesting talks and discussions from the comfort of your home.

Panels on Monday

The Species Parnassius apollo
Species status, threats and the biotop status
Genetics of the Apollo butterfly and experiences for other species
Breeding of Parnassius apollo
Habitat and species protection through active conservation
Legal framework & reintroduction effects in Europe
Habitat management & protection
New face of traditional techniques
Guidance and engagement in conservation
The key to meadow biodiversity
#Followapollo- LIFE Apollo 2020 Citizen Science on iNaturalist


Following are only some of the experts that will share their knowledge and experience with you:

More details will be added soon! Make sure to register and secure your spot for free.

#followapollo and the efforts of our team! Combined skills in breeding, conservation of habitats, research, environmental education, and project management constitute a great combination for the success of our LIFE project

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