Tereza Macečková

Tereza Macečková
Project management


Project coordinator of LIFE Apollo2020




The action conservational group “JARO” (the original historical name was “JAroměřští ROpáci”) established in 1985, consists nowadays of several basic organizations of the Czech Union of Nature Conservation and is involved in nature conservation through a variety of activities. We have begun to take care of valuable natural areas and we have been continuously taking care of some of these sites for over 30 years.


I grew up in a Moravian village and studied at the University of Life science in Prague. During my studies, I have focused on exotic mammals, especially big cats and cheetahs with a dream of working in nature conservation in Africa. After my studies I traveled a lot mostly through Europe, discovering different cultures and ways of life. When I came back, I spent a few years in a unique piece of Bohemian countryside, where we were revitalizing not only untended and overgrown landscape but also historical buildings and the local community. I started to think global and act local. And that’s how I found the international conservation group JARO, where I learned so much and met the most inspiring people.

I learned how to administrate and manage various types of projects and subsidies, NGO’s fundraising and a little bit of PR and of course learned a lot about many different types of management of the most valuable sites.

I am currently the coordinator of LIFE Apollo2020 for our organization and also part of the communication team.

#followapollo and the efforts of our team! Combined skills in breeding, conservation of habitats, research, environmental education, and project management constitute a great combination for the success of our LIFE project.

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