Kamila Grzesiak

Kamila Grzesiak
Conservation actions


Coordinator of conservation actions




Klub Przyrodników is a non-governmental organization operating in Poland in the field of nature protection for almost 40 years. It employs from 15 to 25 employees with specialized education in botany, zoology, forestry, and geology. It also has two Field Stations operating as education centers implementing our statutory activities.


Hello, my name is Kamila. I am a naturalist by passion and profession. I pursue my passion, among others working at the Naturalists’ Club (Klub Przyrodników) for several years to protect the natural heritage of the mountains. I also deal with ecological education, which is an important role in nature protection. My specialty is zoology. Since 2008, I have been responsible for the creation of the Ecocentrum in the Sudetes, for which we chose a historic 18th century court inn in Uniemyśl. As part of the apollo project, I deal with the breeding of Parnassius apollo at the Field Station in Uniemyśl, the protection of its habitats and the reintroduction process in the Central Sudetes, and the creation and efficient functioning of the Apollo Ecocentre.

#followapollo and the efforts of our team! Combined skills in breeding, conservation of habitats, research, environmental education, and project management constitute a great combination for the success of our LIFE project.

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