Gita Matlášková

Gita Matlášková
Project management assistant


Project management assistant (CSOP)




The action conservational group “JARO” (the original historical name was “JAroměřští ROpáci”) established in 1985, consists nowadays of several basic organizations of the Czech Union of Nature Conservation and is involved in nature conservation through a variety of activities. We have begun to take care of valuable natural areas and we have been continuously taking care of some of these sites for over 30 years.


I graduated from the Department of Science (Biology and Ecology) at Palacky University in Olomouc. My main focus is on ornithology, biodiversity of former military areas, ecosystem services, occurrences and behaviors of large carnivores, and the impact of large herbivores on the landscape and biodiversity. I am also interested in biota around the north European seas, where I have spent two seasonal internships.  

Biodiversity loss and threats to natural ecosystems are fast and alarming. In central Europe, we have already lost the biggest iconic wild animals. The health of the remaining wild habitats depends mainly on the abundance of insects and plants diversity. Therefore participation in the project LIFE Apollo2020 was essential to me. The reintroduction of the endangered species Parnassius apollonot only brings back this majestic butterfly but also helps us to maintain his habitat in its complexity.

#followapollo and the efforts of our team! Combined skills in breeding, conservation of habitats, research, environmental education, and project management constitute a great combination for the success of our LIFE project

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